A few brief logistical updates-- 

First off, I most likely will not have access to my computer and subsequently the possibility of blog posts and newsletters you'd like to see for the next 1-3 (?) weeks. Long story short, last Friday my computer charger died and unfortunately the only method of obtaining a new one that fits with my model is having my parents send it from the U.S. I promise I'll get the electronic communications figured out ASAP when I am able. 

Second, Emma and I are still camped out in Anatananarivo waiting for news on our visas, which enable us to fly to our placement sites. While we are still unsure about the dates we will be leaving, it is tentatively looking like it may be the end of this week or the beginning of next week. We have been helping out in the main offices of SALFA--the Lutheran clinic and hospital system--here in Tana from 8-12 on weekday mornings to pass some of the time. Emma is working in the clinic as a nurse and I am working in the pharmacy warehouse counting medication and preparing orders for all of the other SALFA clinics around the island. I have made two friends in the warehouse and I have thoroughly enjoyed trying to communicate only through their little English, my little Malagasy and two handy-dandy dictionaries! 


That's all the news for now!  More updates to come when the opportunities present themselves!